Technical Instructions for MS WORD and Compatible Formats

To prepare your manuscript in a format compatible with MS WORD (*.doc, *.docx, or *.rtf), please use the template files example.doc  or example.rtf  and consider the Generic Manuscript Style. Please use the Microsoft equation editor and not the graphic mode when compiling your equations.

Prepare a PDF File from a MS WORD Document 

The easiest way to produce a PDF file from a document compatible with MS WORD (*.doc, *.docx, or *.rtf) is using commercial software from Adobe. It offers five Free Online Trials to convert any document to PDF.

Another possibility for Windows (98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8) systems using free software is described here:

Download the Adobe Postscript Driver and install it by executing the file. In the setup programme choose [Local Printer], under available Ports choose [FILE: Local Ports], and then [Generic Postscript Printer]. After successful installation you can access your MS Word document and print it using the newly installed Generic Postscript Printer. This will produce a postscript file of your document called "filename.prn".

Then download the programmes Gsview and Ghostscript and install them by executing the self-extracting files. In the setup programme, always choose the default. After successful installation you can start the programme Gsview and open the previously produced postscript file "filename.prn". Then go to [File] [Convert]. In the menu, choose device: pdfwrite, resolution: 600, mark all pages and click okay. This will produce a PDF file of your document.

Please do not use the standard procedure as described in MS WORD. This might cause printing problems. Therefore, please make sure that your PDF file can be printed on a PostScript printer before submitting the file.