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eE – Volume 4

Late Pleistocene palaeoproductivity patterns during the last climatic cycle in the Guyana Basin as revealed by calcareous nannoplankton   
G.-E. López-Otálvaro, J. A. Flores, F. J. Sierro, I. Cacho, J.-O. Grimalt, E. Michel, E. Cortijo, and L. Labeyrie
Page(s) 1-13
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  02 Apr 2009
Morphology of the pore space in claystones – evidence from BIB/FIB ion beam sectioning and cryo-SEM observations   
G. Desbois, J. L. Urai, and P. A. Kukla
Page(s) 15-22
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  08 Jul 2009
Holocene evolution and sedimentation rate of Alikes Lagoon, Zakynthos island, Western Greece: preliminary results   
P. Avramidis and N. Kontopoulos
Page(s) 23-29
Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 990 KB)   Discussion Paper (eED)   

  13 Jul 2009