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eE – Volume 2

A normalised seawater strontium isotope curve: possible implications for Neoproterozoic-Cambrian weathering rates and the further oxygenation of the Earth   
G. A. Shields
Page(s) 35-42
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  18 Jul 2007
Noble gas signature of the Late Heavy Bombardment in the Earth's atmosphere   
B. Marty and A. Meibom
Page(s) 43-49
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  08 Oct 2007
Syn- and post-orogenic exhumation of metamorphic rocks in North Aegean   
R. Lacassin, N. Arnaud, P. H. Leloup, R. Armijo, and B. Meyer
Page(s) 51-63
Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 20803 KB)   Discussion Paper (eED)   

  29 Nov 2007